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When is the hunting period over? (trophy taken, hunting days, wounded animal, etc)
The hunting is considered over once the booked services are over, having killed the animal or not. However, if the customer wishes to extend his hunting trip, it can be accommodated, subject to availability.


Where and how are our guests met?
Hunters arrive in Buenos Aires Ezeiza international airport and have to travel 45 minutes to get to regional airport Jorge Newbery, for which we may suggest a private transfer service. From Jorge Newbery airport, you can fly to San Martín de los Andes or Neuquén city, in Neuquén province where you will be met by Patagonia Poncho staff who will drive you to the lodge.


Does Patagonia Poncho offer travel services or other tourism activities in the area or in other parts of the country?
We do not provide such services, but will be happy to help our guests contact a qualified travel agency which will assist them in organizing and booking other services around Argentina.


Is it customary to tip the staff – and how much do you give?
Yes. In most destinations the staff expects a tip and they are much appreciated. The amount usually given by hunters is 10-15% of the total cost.


Trophy preparation and shipping
Patagonia Poncho works with a taxidermy company in charge of preparing the FUR/HIDE and trophies and arranging the necessary paperwork required for their shipping.


What weather conditions should I expect?
Red stag rutting season takes place in march, and fall in Patagonia is the perfect season to discover magnificent landscapes. Afternoon temperatures are warm, though early in the morning or in the evening temperatures are much lower. 


What happens if I become ill during the trip?
We always recommend travel and cancellation insurance to limit the consequences of illness/accidents etc.


Do I need a hunting license from my home country to hunt at the destination?
Depending on your home country, you may or may not need a licence. Your hunting trip consultant will know what you need on your specific destination. It is always a good idea to bring your license if you have one whether you formally need it or not.

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